Thursday, September 17, 2009

yes! at war with at war with the mystics!

I really wanted to like 'At War With The Mystics,' the last Flaming Lips album, but to me, it always suffered from a lack of song ideas. It sounded really cool, and there are a few gems, but it just didn't hold up to my ears.

So I am ALL for the direction of their new record, 'Embryonic,' now dousing Lips style with krautrock influence, and a heavier dose of acid/psych guitar. Hell to the YES.

They played on the Colbert Report last night, and it was awesome:

The Flaming Lips - Convinced of the Hex (live on Colbert Report)

I would call their last 4 LPs many things, but "brutal" isn't one of them. This, however, is mighty brutal. It seems simplistic, until the middle of the song when shit just won't stop.

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