Friday, September 11, 2009

wow, we haven't posted here in forever

It's true!

But we're alive, and ready to blog all kinds.

Here are the things we've been doing:

- Making an LP. It's awesome! We made it at Tiny Telephone, which is the best studio in San Francisco, and it's called "waking heat". Wanna hear it? We've got some tracks here, our excellent Muxtape page.
- We made a video with Wiretap Music, that you can see on their site. We talk tacos, arguing, practicing and why we only have 3 favorite bands.
- Moving to San Francisco! At least, me and Alex.
- Not buying "Blueprint 3". Because, let's be honest, odds aren't good that it's enjoyable.

We'll be posting more shit here soon...OH also, download our song "The Rat" for free at Under The Radar::: click HERE


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