Friday, June 6, 2008

Tyler's Secret Talents and Hobbies

As far as we know, Tyler only has like 3 interests: Music, da ladies, drinking, and star wars...alright, that's four. We're pretty sure he hates everything else, or at least we WERE sure until this tour when he started revealing former hobbies and talents he cultivated in high school.

Things we have learned about Tyler so far:

1. Frisbee. He kinda blows at it now, but he apparently started a frisbee club at his high school.
2. Prom King: WTF?
3. Excessive extracurricular activities: jazz band, speech and debate, mock trial. God, what a nerd
4. Juggling: As I write this, Tyler is juggling limes in his parent's kitchen.
5. Surfing. AHAHAHA, Tyler in a wet suit,
6. Dating Christian girls: He once dated a girl that went to Biola, as in Bible Institute of Los Angeles.

We're pretty sure that drinking took the place of all of these hobbies. Why shouldn't it? What else will this tour reveal about our mysterious singer/guitarist? 


Anonymous said...


i think i'm done.

meghan said...

surprisingly, i'm not surprised by any of these.
except juggling. didn't see that one coming.

Ashley See said...
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Anonymous said...

1. i too carry the burden of prom court shame: queen.

2. no model un? loser.

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